Une production en anglais avec Laura

, par M. Roy

Voici le début de l’histoire que nous a lu et expliqué Laura :


Jack and his mother are very poor. They live poorly.

They have got a beautiful cow but she gives no milk now !

They go to the market. They want to sell the cow to have money.

They are very sad. They love the cow...

A man wants to have the cow. " I want your cow ", he tells Jack.

The man gives five beans to Jack in exchange for the cow.

Jack puts the beans in the ground... The beans go up, up, up to the sky. This is a giant beanstalk !

Jack decides to go up the beanstalk. He climbs on it.

He arrives at the top of the bean and discovers a beautiful, green country.

In the middle, there is a big castle. A giant lives in the castle.

Jack meets the big man. The giant looks at Jack and says : " Yum ! It’s time to eat ".

Jack is afraid and runs, runs ...


Premier groupe :

He runs away until he reaches the castle. The giant’s wife is in the castle, so Jack hides in a lock.

The giant finds Jack and puts him in jail. Jack escapes and the giant chases him.

He goes down the beanstalk, and he cuts down the beanstalk.


Second groupe :

Jack runs away the giant chases him. Jack jumps down the beanstalk and the giant follows him.

The giant destroys everything at Jack’s house.

Jack and his mother hide and the giant never finds them.

Jack gets his cow back and she makes milk now.



Classe de M. Roy